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More than 40 top tomato speakers at the first-ever Global Tomato Congress

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Stephan Weist of Rewe, Germany’s €50bn supermarket giant, talks in a one-on-one on-stage interview with Fruitnet managing director Chris White about how the tomato business from seed to shelf needs a radical overhaul in its approach to tomato marketing.

What do we need to engineer new life into the tomato category? Is it just a problem of more effective ranging and better presentation? Are shoppers confused by too many SKUs? Do we need new focus in varietal development? And what must change in tomato packaging? Is the door closed to producer brands?

Rewe is the world’s no 5 largest food retailer, servicing many millions of shoppers every day in its home country of Germany, perhaps the most competitive grocery market anywhere in the world.

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Jan Doldersum of Rijk Zwaan reckons the emergence of new food retail formats poses both huge challenges and enormous opportunities for everyone in tomatoes.

As marketing chief of one of the world’s largest seed companies, Jan talks about the emergence of new retail formats in China in particular, where he's been a regular since setting up Rijk Zwaan’s business in Qingdao about 10 years ago.

Jan hopes to be joined by category managers who will assess how the tomato offer must be adapted to the demands of emerging food retail formats, including online-to-offline. China in particular has taken the lead in this new area, offering lessons for everyone in the supply chain.

lots more top tomato insight and information in f0ur different formats

Headline Hub

Information and insight
Looking at major trends in the fresh tomato business, the speakers on our GTC Headline Hub stage will explain what's happening in all of the key areas of the supply chain, from market trends, consumers, marketing, category management and retailing all the way back along the supply chain to varietal development, post-harvest technology and production.

Fresh Ideas

Inspiration and innovation
Delving deeper into specific areas of the trade, speakers on the GTC Fresh Ideas stage will share their expertise in exploring new and emerging features of the fresh tomato business, including new methods of merchandising, emerging sources of supply and advances in greenhouse production.


Invention and ingenuity
Visitors to the GTC Launchpad stage can hear about some of the latest products and services set to make a splash in the international tomato business, including disease-resistance varieties, automated harvesting, more environmentally friendly packaging and new glasshouse systems.

Fresh Talks

In-depth interviews
Hear from leaders in the fresh tomato industry and find out how they expect the category to develop in the years ahead.

4 conference stages

How to raise the profile of tomatoes in the food retail arena will be top of the agenda at the first-ever Global Tomato Congress.

The international tomato business has been transformed in the last 20 years, and it’s now one of the biggest categories in fresh produce. But the real risk of commoditisation is back. So what can supermarkets do to get consumers excited about fresh tomatoes and keep coming back for more?

These and other important topics will be covered in depth. 

What to expect…

Parallel sessions on three conference stages. More than 40 expert speakers from around the world. Inspiring talks, interactive sessions, more intimate break-out seminars, top-level networking, expo stands and much more opportunities to learn about the category – all in one place.