six conference stages. 30+ TOMATO EXPERTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.
all ABOUT FRESH TOMATOES. for one day only.

How to raise the profile of best tomatoes at food retail is at the centre of the agenda at the first-ever GLOBAL TOMATO CONGRESS.

The global tomato business has been transformed in the last 20 years. It’s now one of the biggest categories in the fresh produce business today.

But the real risk of commoditisation is back. How can supermarkets raise the profile of fresh tomatoes in their stores? How can we grow sales? These are just two of the many topics covered at the first-ever GLOBAL TOMATO CONGRESS. 

Parallel sessions on six conference stages. More than 30 expert speakers from around the world of fresh tomatoes. Main stage, seminars, workshops, and much more in the Tomato Expo space.

GLOBAL TOMATO CONGRESS features the very best learning opportunities. Inspiring talks, on-stage interviews, interactive seminars, and small workshops.

GLOBAL TOMATO CONGRESS is for tomato business lovers everywhere.